Motswana woman publishes book on COVID-19

AUTHOR: Thulaganyo Serole

In an effort to provide hope amidst the Corona virus pandemic, a young Motswana woman has published a book about the fight against the killer virus.

The 29- year -old Thulaganyo Serole of Maun launched her book, titled, The World’s Hope for COVID-19, last week Friday evening at Maun lodge with the minister of Health and Wellness, Edwin Dikoloti in attendance.

Speaking at the occasion, Serole explained that her book is all about addressing how to overcome the fear that people are facing during this pandemic.

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“Some chapters are written by pastors and leaders from different churches who have different perspectives and introspections. The book talks about the church’s role in people’s lives because there is so much that the church can do in our lives,” Serole noted.

The 75 -page-long book encourages readers to overcome their fear of COVID-19 by trusting in God.
“Without God we are nothing, we had plans for year 2020, but because of COVID-19 all plans came to an abrupt stop as they were replaced by so much fear.”

At the launch, Serole received praises from some church pastors, tribal and political leaders for writing and documenting history as she narrates people’s reaction during the peak of the outbreak in the book.

“In Botswana we generally do not document. What you have demonstrated here is a huge step in the right direction, “said Maun East member of Parliament, Goretetse Kekgonegile as he congratulated the young woman.

Kekgonegile also pledged to buy forty copies of the book for Maun school libraries. He also said all members of Parliament in Ngamiland area will each buy a copy of the book, which retails at P120.

“This pandemic fears nobody, it does not discriminate against anyone, and it does not care about race, political party affiliation and economic status. It affects us all the same way. Whether you are a superpower or poor, it humbles everyone, added Kgosi Leretetse Mogalakwe when giving a vote of thanks.

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Both Mogalakwe and Kekgonegile further acknowledged the government of the day for the good work it was doing in the fight against the spread COVID-19.

Encouraging people to explore writing, Mompoloki Makwala of Prime Publishers who are the publishers of the COVID-19 book, said many “great books” have been buried in the graveyards before publishing because people are too afraid to explore their talents.
“ People tiptoe to the graveyard with their hidden talent because of fear, they are too afraid to do it. But she (author) decided to make a contribution by sharing what she knows. She dared to dream,” Makwala said.

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