Mma Oshima gets pulses racing

George Moore
HANDS UP IF YOU'RE EXCITED: Mma Oshima is all smiles over her maiden LP

A year after making the big move from backing dancer to lead singer, Mma Oshima has finally released her first EP, ‘Phetiriki’ a superb six-track offering sure to get pulses racing.

Since dropping her debut single last August, the Tonota songstress has made quite the mark on the local Traditional scene, her enthusiasm and energy bringing a new spark to the genre and gaining her over 24, 000 Facebook followers.

Giving Voice Entertainment a peek into ‘Phetiriki’, which is the fourth song on the album, Mma Oshima explains, “It is about a man who is always complementing me, all the time telling me my body looks great and making me feel good about myself.

Basically it is a cheery, happy track.”

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With her dazzling dimples and eye-catching curves winning her an army of male fans, it is easy to see why the 28-year-old might find such remarks regularly thrown her way.

“Online, they call me Khumagadi ya Kgosing (king’s wife) and Mma Ditsina,” laughs the bubbly beauty born Oratile Setimela.

However, while such compliments are a boost to the ego, the ambitious artist is by no means reliant on her good looks and has the musical talent to back up her moves and make it big in the industry.

“I am passionate about this craft and confident I have the ability to achieve my dreams – I wanna go places!” declares Mma Oshima, the belief obvious in her steely tone.

Indeed, she may be ‘going places’ sooner rather than later, with her videos for ‘Ke apeile ka Sopo’ and recent release ‘Ntshwarele ngwana’ impressing audiences in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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“I’ve also received positive feedback from Zambia. They want me to come and perform that side; hopefully it can happen soon!”

As for her maiden EP, which was composed and arranged together with Mma Oshima’s homeboy and mentor, Balaakgosi, the singer/songwriter describes the album as a moving body of work that comes from her heart.

“The lyrics are in deep Setswana, which makes them more powerful and also more beautiful. It’s music that will have you dancing,” promises the young woman who counts Charma Gal and Mma Ausi as inspirations; if she can achieve half as much as such legends she will have had an amazing career.

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