Micah drops debut album

Tshepo Kehimile

Afro-Pop Artist, Micah dropped his debut album dubbed ‘Tswana Prince’ on Friday.

Speaking with Voice Entertainment this week, the singer, born Odirile Micah Meshack said; “I have always wanted to perform on big stages, growing up seeing big musicians commanding crowds through the power of music and being able to relay messages got me inspired.”

The 35-year old musician from Bobonong burst onto the music and entertainment scene with a single dubbed, ‘Bapalenna’ featuring ATI back in 2017 followed by another track titled Ole Kae, and yet another one dubbed Mampudulule in 2022 and Suta in 2021.

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Concerning his latest body of work, Micah said; “Tswana Prince has eight tracks and over the few years in the industry, people have always questioned my preference in singing in Setswana only but for me, it’s a no brainer as I pride myself in my language as it forms part of my identity, hence the nickname ‘Tswana Prince,’ which I have used to name my debut album.”

Tswana Prince, Micah explained is about celebrating love and thanking the Almighty God for saving and protecting us during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has a traditional feel, Amapiano, House and mostly Afro-Pop, which happens to be Micah’s signature genre.

“Honestly, I did not expect any positive feedback, but from the moment I posted the teaser on my digital platforms, people were already looking forward to stream and listen to it,” said Micah.

Quizzed about the challenges he faces as a musician,Micah said; “The main challenge is the difficulty faced by upcoming artist in selling their music. The only way of generating income is therefore through shows hence the need to work hard to promote the album so that I can attract bookings.”

Meanwhile, the ambitious musicians hopes to push his music beyond boarders, “I believe in the next three years, my music will be recognised by markets outside the country and eventually I want to open a music school which will nurture upcoming artists,” said Micah.

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