Manufacturing fitness

Kabelo Dipholo
BURNING THE FAT: Training action

New Francistown gym Fitness Factory, the new kid in town

On 6th January, a new gymnasium opened its doors in Francistown.

Owned by the 32 year old businessman and Optometrist Pako Serumola, Fitness Factory operating from the new Tati River mall has brought excitement to fitness fanatics in the second capital.

In an interview with Voice Sport on Tuesday, the gym Manager Gogontle Sephikwe said since opening their doors at the beginning of the year, they have received a positive response from people looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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She said it is their mission to encourage healthy living and propel individuals into a better health conscious lifestyle.

“We do this by providing fitness related services to both public and corporate sectors by delivering various fitness programmes which are very important for one to build a state of complete emotional, mental and physical well-being so that people can meet the demand of the environment even during unforeseen pandemics,” she said.

Sephikwe said the one of a kind gymn boats of trainers and instructors to guide members on what to do to achieve their individual fitness goals.

Manufacturing fitness
PUMPING IRON: An instructor and a client

“We have personal trainers for people who want to train alone. Our difference with other gyms is the amount of time our trainers dedicate to their clients,” added Sephikwe.

She further told Voice Sport that they have recently introduced open aerobics, held outside the gym to cater for large number of people, especially at a time where social distancing is emphasized.

“There’re people who don’t want to use machines, but enjoy aerobics. This open activity targets such people,” she said.

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The gym’s cross-fit Trainer Lesedi Chery is adamant that no other gym in Francistown has a qualified trainer.

“This is the first of its kind in the city. The training that I offer is client based and focused on the client’s fitness goals,” he said.

Chery told Voice Sport that all their private clients get monthly fitness tests to track their progress.

“It’s more than just checking yourself out in the mirror. We basically measure fat content in the body,” he said.

“We also give nutrition advise to clients, and let them know that fitness is 75% nutrition and 25% gym. That is why some of our clients continued to lose weight during the Covid-19 lockdown,” Chery told Voice Sport.

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Meanwhile according to the Manager, the gym also offers gymnastics, karate and ballroom dance.

Sephikwe said Royal Dance Academy takes clients through their paces on Saturday and Sundays between 12 noon and 1500hrs.

“We also have Yun Genius Karate Academy and Believers Gymnastics and Majorettes Academy for karate and gymnastics respectively,” she said.

“The codes alternate, with karate coming in Mondays and Thursdays and gymnastics on Friday and Saturday,” Sephikwe told Voice Sport.

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