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Man hangs himself after arguing with parents

HANG: Noose on tree

Commits suicide rather than appear before Customary Court

Due to appear before the Headman of Arbitration after a dispute with his parents, a Lentsweletau man decided to take his own life instead.

At the very moment his case was scheduled to be heard, while his mum and dad were waiting at the Customary Court, the 37-year-old was hanging himself from a tree.

In a short interview with The Voice, Molepolole Station Commander, Motlhaba Ramaabya revealed the sad incident took place last Monday (26 July).


Although investigations are still on-going, it appears that on the fateful day, the deceased left the family home alone, with his parents taking a different route to the court.

With the case meant to start at 8am, the elderly couple waited for their son at court. However, after a couple of hours, when it became obvious he was not going to turn up, the parents left, thinking their son had dodged his trial.

It was only when they arrived back home that they learnt the terrible news their son had committed suicide, hanging himself from a tree just a few metres from the house.

According to the police, he used a rope to hang himself and did not leave a note.

The incident was reported to the cops who took the deceased to Scottish Livingstone Hospital where he was certified dead by a medical doctor upon arrival.

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