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Longing for good news

CASHLESS: People queuing for cash

A colleague gave me the thumbs up for last week’s column as it was more on the positive than negative side.

It was a light read because it had nothing to do with our energy draining socio-economic situation.

Instead, it focused on the fight over Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtawarira, a Zimbabwean born South African national team rugby player.

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Nationalities from both countries lay claim to the player, with Zimbos insisting he was still very much a part of us even though he had naturalized.

Some called it our Kenya-Obama moment…remember how Kenyans celebrated when former US President Barack Obama, with roots in the East African country was elected into office.

It was like a Kenyan had become the first black man to lead America.

Anyway, I told my colleague that I am no worrywart, only that I am living in a country where there seems to be more bad than good.

I also get tired of depressing news and wish to be cheerful all the time with regards to my home country. But sadly this seems impossible!

I think the last time many Zimbos were really happy was almost two years ago during the downfall of the late former President, Robert Mugabe.

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Back then most of us were ecstatic as we believed Mugabe’s demise marked the end of our misery. Little did we know that we had literally jumped from the frying pan to the blaze.

On Friday the government fired more than 200 doctors who have been on strike since September 3, demanding better wages and improved working conditions.

At least 500 more doctors are also due to be shown the exit door in the coming days as disciplinary hearings against the doctors continue.

This move by the government is clearly a case of adding salt to injuries of those who seek medical care in state hospitals as this will worsen the crisis.

Our health care system is already hanging by a thread. This move will clearly be the final nail in the coffin, because knowing our government, it will not speedily replace the doctors.

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If they really cared about the welfare of the people, the doctor’s strike would not have lasted this long.

People are dying in numbers in state hospitals and instead of addressing the doctor’s concerns, the government takes a hard and heartless stance at the expense of the people.

As someone said, Zimbabwe is going through a silent genocide, and by the time it ends, thousands will have perished.

In other news, the central bank says it has released $1 billion cash to banks to ease cash shortages.

We have been down this road before, where they claim to inject more money to ease cash shortages, only for the situation to get worse.

Well, if they get it right this time, I will surely gloat about it as it would be a positive for us, we are tired of queuing for cash or worse still, buying it from the streets.

Yes you read it right, cash is sold on the black market in Zimbabwe and I have bought it before on numerous occasions as I was desperate for it – just as I am for good news!

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