Legae Academy rewards excellence

Portia Mlilo
LEGAE ACADEMY: Rewarding Excellence

Legae Academy recently held its prize giving ceremony under the theme ‘Promoting STEM Education Through Stakeholder Participation and Collaboration.’

Speaking at the ceremony the school Principal Easo Oommen, said the ceremony is meant to celebrate their students achievements.

He said educating the nation in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is in line with the grander global move of transforming economies.

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He said it is important for Botswana also as the country is transforming from a resource to a knowledge based economy. “STEM defines our future hence the theme for this event. It seems all aspects of our lives will become automated with the way technology is moving. Every year we hold academic, sports and culture awards ceremony to reward students for excellence in this areas,” said Oommen

The guest speaker- BIUST Vice Chancellor, Otlogetswe Totolo, said STEM is important as it is about how the world is running.

He said talking of technology, modern cars are not only driven but operated. The Professor said without adequate fluency in computer literacy, it can be a challenge to drive a car let alone utilise and benefit from all the ergonomic functions.

“Jobs which are currently available may not be there in 10 years to come. Robots have replaced human labour. Driverless cars are slowly permeating the transport industry. The third world countries are preparing their citizens for the new future. Time is now in Africa for us to act and be at par with the most developed nations. Since everything is becoming computer oriented, we should stop being mere users of technology but start developing it and become innovators,” said Totolo.

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