Jazzing up main mall

BIG SOUND: An artist in action
  • Wednesday extravaganza hits high notes

Do you live in the capital and love jazz? If you do, then Mo Jazz Live BW enterprise has got you covered.

Every Wednesday between 1pm and 5pm the Main Mall community is treated to soulful live performances of jazz and poetry from youthful artists at the Diamond Square.

The man behind the initiative, Ronald ‘Jazzman’ Natshane says that Mo Jazz Live is a platform created for young and upcoming artists to explore and improve their artistic and musical expressions.

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“The platform has evidently matured into a fully operating enterprise objective towards the development of well-rounded musicians, it focuses on laidback sounds such as jazz, neo soul and poetic recitation,” said Natshane.

According to Ntashane the idea was conceptualised during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 and implemented when the health restrictions were loosened the same year in October 2020 and is still running without fail.

“The show has since continually delivered a recreational activity which entertains the Main Mall audience every Wednesday without fail,” says Natshane.

Individuals interested in showcasing their musical abilities are welcome to exhibit their skills on the platform. The only requirement is that they register with Ntashane and his team before.

When asked why they chose Main Mall as their hosts, Jazzman revealed that it is in the city where individuals of all walks of life converge.

Jazzing up main mall
ARTY ATTRACTION: A poet pulls a crowd

“The Main Mall is a conventional open space generally accessible to various classes of people and the high foot count consists of a diverse class rending from national service men, entrepreneurs to students,” Jazzman explained, adding they fund the event from their pockets or usually offer live performance services to corporates or anyone who is interesting in working with them.

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He further revealed that their goal is to use music as an educational tool to equip musicians with skills to benefit their audience and communities.

“We plan to develop all rounded performance artists, develop international competitive platforms and aggregate talent into value rated products.”


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