It’s showtime for rap

Tower (blue T) and Hossman

South side versus the northside

Maun hip-hop movement is about to launch what is expected to be a season of rap mania through its Rap music show.

A brainchild of Maun based young artists, Balatotse Tower Makhao and Keotshepile Hossman Xhao, both aged 32, BW Rap league is to bring together artists from the northern and Southern part of the country to battle it out through their music.

“We have invited several artists and it promises to be an interesting show,” explained Tower, who doubles as a manager for artists.

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The plan, he says is to unearth raw talent and nurture it.

“We have talent, the problem is that we do not get enough air time on local radio stations. Sometimes when our music is played, it is during wee hours of the morning when everybody else is fast asleep, around 3 AM or so,” he said.

According to Tower, through the competition, which will be launched in Maun on the 29th of this month, artists will battle it out until the finals when the North will finally face the South in November.

“The league will help even the upcoming artists to perfect their art and their confidence, they will have to think on their feet and prove themselves before the world,” said Tower who promises that most of their performances will be shared through social media platforms to avoid crowding at the showdown venues.

The league kicks off at the height of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic and when extreme social distancing has to be adhered to, so only a few rappers are invited to the venue.

“We do not want to be in trouble with the law, again it is important that everyone is at a safe distance,” Tower noted.

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Maun hip-hop movement is a group of local artists from the tourism town and surrounding villages, which is focused on promoting young and upcoming hip-hop and R&B artists.

It also owns and runs its own studio, KMS records.

“We take unrecognised artists, with passion and interest and guide them through the journey of success. We record them and take their work to radio stations,” said co-founder, Hossman.

Hossman also pointed out that although they do not get prime time on the radio, some of their artists are recognised internationally.

He gave an example, with Mothusi Mahero, stage name Rowland, a 29 -year –old artist whose track, Come over, took position one on Power FM’s taffy raw in 2018.

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Taffy raw is the station’s regular count down programme of Africa’s top 20 tracks.

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