Its hot in the BDP kitchen

Daniel Chida
Sejoe, Mthimkhulu, Horatius, Molebatsi & Dikoloti (L-R)

Unwanted Members hanging on by a thread

Ahead of the October 2024 general elections, the ruling party stands at a pivotal crossroads, where the decisions made this week will have far-reaching consequences.

As the central committee prepares to deliver its verdicts, the fate of numerous members hangs precariously in the balance, with the potential to either forge unity within the party or deepen existing divisions.

In this decisive moment, the political landscape stands on the cusp of transformation, awaiting the outcomes that will ultimately define the trajectory of the impending electoral contest.

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Notably, as of Wednesday afternoon, the uncertain futures of four Members of Parliament and two councillors cast a shadow over the party’s deliberations.

Additionally, the rejection of Lotty Manyapetsa by the Central Committee, despite the President’s endorsement, adds to the intrigue and uncertainty surrounding the party’s internal dynamics.

The former Gaborone City Council Deputy Mayor is one of those who were recommended by their regions to be barred from taking part in the coming Primary elections (Bulela Ditswe) Although the region vetted Manyapetsa out, President Mokgweetsi Masisi is said to have gone against the decision insisting that the controversial politician should contest the party’s primary elections.

The final decision for that will be delivered by the president after all vetting has been done.

Other notable developments from the Central Committee are;

Molebatsi Molebatsi

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The Member of Parliament for Mmadinare who is also the Assistant Minister of Agriculture will be one of the last MPs to know their fate.

Molebatsi’s main challenger is the former MP for the area, Kefentse Mzwinila.

Mzwinila, a Specially Elected MP is serving as Minister of Lands and Water Affairs.

The two are locked in a cold war.

Their rivalry simmered beneath the surface, known to all but seldom spoken of openly.

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Both men are stalwarts of their party, each commanding a significant following within their constituency.

As the primary election looms, tensions between the two ministers reached new heights.

Their differences, once confined to closed-door debates and veiled remarks, began to spill into the public arena with each hosting own events in the same area without inviting the other.

Some CC members wanted Molebatsi to be vetted out for Mzwinila to emerge unchallenged but the decision on that was deferred.

Dumizweni Mthimkhulu

The MP for Gaborone south who recently rose from an Assistant to a full Minister was also a heated topic this week.

Some of the CC members felt that he should not be challenged.

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Reasons brought forward for protecting the Minister of Environment and Tourism is lack of confidence in some of his challengers.

Some of those who have shown interest to challenge him are accused of holding secret meetings with the opposition.

Edwin Dikoloti

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Although the Minister of Health is said to have fallen out with the president, the BDP CC did not agree with him being vetted out.

Some see him as a capable leader who can be groomed for the future instead of being dumped.

Some feared the negative impact he can bring by campaigning against his party if vetted out.

The matter was deferred too for the president to make a final ruling on it.

Motamma Horatius and Kaisara Sejoe

The Gaborone City Councillors are accused of having led a group of councillors who demanded salary increment during Covid 19.

The two were elected by councillors to approach the then Minister of Local Government, Mpho Balopi to demand salary increment.

However, the decision has come to bite them as the information sent back to the party leadership does not represent what was on the ground.

According to a source, the decision to vet out the two will not be fair because even MPs have at some point made demands for salary increment.

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