“I’ll kill you young woman”

Kabelo Dipholo

Male senior prison warder threatens colleague

Theere is an ongoing investigating in a matter in which a senior warder at Serowe Prisons has allegedly threatened to kill his colleague on Sunday morning.

According to details leaked by an inside source, Assistant Superintendent Ishmael Raphutshi uttered the threat on Assistant Superintendent Oreeditse Japane’s life on the 8th in a heated argument.

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The Voice learnt that Japane who was on duty had reprimanded an inmate for not wearing his football kit and demanded that he did before he could join other inmates for a game of soccer.

“At that moment Raphutshi who was off duty but is senior to Japane arrived and issued contrary command to the inmate allowing him to play without wearing the kit. Japane refused to yield and insisted that the prisoner should wear a playing kit before she could release him to play,” said an inside source.

The Voice was reliably informed that at that moment Raphutshi quipped, “Why do you want a prisoner to suffer simply because of our differences. Today o tsile go nketsi,” (today you are going to know me) to which Japane responded by asking her senior, “E le gore wena o mang?” (Who are you)?

This response according to the source, infuriated Raphutshi so much that he immediately charged at his subordinate in front of an amused inmate and declared. “Ke ta go bolaa ngwanyana ke wena.” ” I’ll kill you young woman.”

Japane then reported the matter to the police and it’s currently still under investigation.

The Voice has further been informed that there’s no harmony between the four top ranking officials at Serowe Prisons. Apparently Japane is the only female amongst the four men.

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“They have isolated her and are all not on talking terms with her. There’s a Senior Superintendent, a Superintendent and three Assistant Superintendents including her and she’s alone among men who despise her,” the source revealed.

The Voice has learnt that last year an intervention was sought from the Regional Office in Francistown but the matter could not be resolved.

“Warders are concerned with this toxic environment and want the management to be transferred to other posts,” a source said.

Speaking to The Voice on Wednesday No. 2 District Officer Commanding Paul Oketsang confirmed that the matter was reported to them by Japane.

“We looked at the issue and resolved that as members of the disciplined forces there is a code of conduct they should follow and advised that the matter should be resolved within the Prisons Service,” Oketsang said.

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“As Serowe Police we are not investigating the matter, it will be held by the internal processes at Prison,” he said.

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