Husband from hell

Sharon Mathala

• I discovered used condoms in our bedroom many times- Wife

Her husband has subjected her to blood curdling physical abuse for 11 years, but the wife of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councilor, Phuthego Modise will not divorce.

37- year –old Ntsenya Modise has instead dragged her husband to court once again, this time to ask for a reinforcement of a 2011 order for him to provide monthly financial support for her and her 10- year- old child.

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Commenting on the matter outside the court she said, “ Divorce is the furthest thing from my mind. I have reached a point where I have become numb to the pain. I just want him to take care of our child. That is why I have brought him to court.”

The couple’s marital woes and court drama dates back to as far as 2011 when the magistrate’s court ruled that the BDP councilor must pay his wife a P 2 200 maintenance fee very month.

“The plaintiff is to be maintained for as long as the marriage is still in subsistence, subject to a variation by the competent court. The plaintiff (Wife) to seek medical attention for her hair condition so as to reduce the monthly costs incurred as a result of buying wigs,” reads the 2011 court order granted against the BDP councilor.

She had to resort to wearing wigs after her husband plucked out her hair by the roots.

The councilor however defied the court order and subsequently applied for the court’s leniency in 2013.

“I will pay an extra 500 on top of the P 2 200 monthly payment,” reads his letter to the Extension 2 Magistrate court.

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Asked why she is choosing to live with a man who is allegedly so disrespectful that he brings side chic’s to the marital home, Ntsenya said, “I was ready to file for divorce six months into the marriage when things went sour. His family advised me otherwise and I accepted. I can not do it now because it would negatively affect our daughter.”

She revealed that the estranged husband has since moved out and moved in with a girlfriend in Mogoditshane.

“I can tell you I have gotten to a point where I really do not care whether he is home or not but as long as he takes care of our child I am Okay. As long as he takes care of the basic needs I will not even bother to phone him,” she said.

Modise refused to comment on the matter.