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Han C ‘Peps up’ for V-day

Leungo Mokgwathi
JAMMING FOR VALENTINE'S: Han C drops Pepetetsa

‘Pepetetsa’ talks TikTok by storm

Han C has dropped another banger – the early signs are it might just be his best yet!

Set for official release on 1st February, ‘Pepetetsa’s’ has already made a massive mark on BW TikTok, with a sample of the single clocking over 140 million views within a week.

The staggering numbers are going up by the hour as the feel-good love tune continues to feel the love online.

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching (14 February for all the forgetful boyfriends out there), Han C is once again right on the money with his timing.

“In consideration of February which is the month of love, I found it fit to release a little something for my supporters whom I love and appreciate very much! It is a typical love story which is about appreciating those close to one’s heart,” the 26-year-old multi award-winning vocalist explained in a brief interview with Voice Entertainment.

Adding to ‘‘Pepetetsa’s’ appeal is an accompanying ‘dance challenge’, which many people took on and shared on their social media.

“I posted a snippet of the song just to test the response. I am glad I did because the song was doing well even before its release date,” notes the shrewd ‘Sedilaaka’ hit-maker, happily promising his fans that plenty more music awaits in 2023.

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