Grooving In The Ghetto Friday 10 February 2023

Grooving in the Ghetto
Kwaito Mental


The remaining ambassador of the obsolete Kwaito genre, by the name Kwaito Mental (Lebogang Mahlakata), has released a new single ‘Ga re robale’ featuring OatsDona Kaycee and Thunder.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the song and the delivery, particularly the contributions from Oatsdona and Thunder.

However, very few people would be moved by this new single.

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Kwaito lost its battle to Gqom a longtime ago, and the latter succumbed to Amapiano.

The King of Kwaito, Arthur Mafokate is still alive, but even he wouldn’t dare release a Kwaito song, or if he does it has to be something special.

Likewise Kwaito Mental needs something special to turn our heads, or perhaps it’s time to rebrand.

Rating: A generous 4/10


There are very few flashes of brilliance evident on Flashkid’s latest Amapiano single ‘Give me love’.

In fact, this could well go down as an experiment gone embarrassingly wrong.

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Flashkid’s attempt at Amapiano is not good at all!

Grooving In The Ghetto Friday 10 February 2023

This is a very competitive genre; you’re up against the likes of Chef Gustos and Pricilla K, Amaroto, Young Stunner and many other leading Amapiano artists in both Botswana and South Africa.

The standard has been set, when you come out as a new artist you need to bring some fire, and Flashkid didn’t.

No one will bob their heads to this song.

Rating: A terrible 3/10

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Plans are underway to host the inaugural Traditional Music Awards Botswana in December this year.

The awards will celebrate the arts and culture and recognise the achievements and success of individuals and groups.

Grooving In The Ghetto Friday 10 February 2023

The bigger goal, according to the organizers, is to bolster the tourism sector, which is the country’s second revenue earner by attracting hundreds of thousands of international visitors.

The first awards will be in Kasane, then Maun, Shakawe and Nata.

Registration is ongoing and is open to all Batswana from any cultural artistic discipline.

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