Goshwe residents reject paved road

Christinah Motlhabane
Loti Johane

The recent announcement by the Minister of Transport and Communications, Thulagano Segokgo that the 17 km Goshwe/Tutume road will be upgraded with paving blocks instead of bitumen, have been met with disaproval and misgivings from the North-East public.

The Voice Reporter, Christinah Motlhabane took to the streets to talk to the concerned residents.


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Paving cannot work for us since there are so many streams crossing that road. 17 km is too long a stretch for paving.

It seems like government just wants to appease us with a substandard product.

For those who have cars their tyres won’t last because of the paving. What’s the paving budget?

Maybe they could use that budget to tar a shorter stretch of road and wait to finish in the next financial year instead of settling for a pavement instead of a road.


I think the government reached that decision without taking into consideration some very important things like the distance of the road.

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Paving is mostly good for internal roads. I think it is a waste of money since it won’t last as compared to a tarred road.

I thought the government would opt for a better road that will join many villages, from Tutume – Goshwe up to Mbalambi and connect with Masunga road.

I know government insists that there’re no funds, but what’s the point of pouring millions in something that wont last?


Paved roads are not sustainable over time due to soil erosion. The priority here should be to build a sustainable road.

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Maintenance of paved roads is more expensive than maintenance of tarred road.

Damage or potholes on a tarred road costs less to fill-up than damage on a paved road, which would need an entire affected area to be removed and redone.

Rehabilitation of paved roads typically entails reinstatement of roads to the original design standards, which is a drawback.

Upgrading of paved road in times of road extension is more complex than tarred roads.

Road markings stay longer and visible on tarred road than on paved roads, which means a paved road might call for unnecessary accidents.

Due to an uneven landscape paving roads might complicate things.


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Bricks on a road are a waste of time. It is better to leave the road, as it is if there is no budget that put up a structure that would be destroyed by the rains.

I am really concerned and if they feel they cannot afford bitumen it is better they leave the road until funds are available.

Goshwe is an abandoned village. We only become important during election time. Our village is way behind in terms of developments.

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We demand a tarred road just like other villages.


Our road is too long to be paved. That should be for inner roads, which are shorter.

It is going to destroy car shock absorbers and suspensions.

I don’t know why they opted for paving blocks on such a long road. It really can’t work.

Government should source funds if indeed they are serious about improving road networks in the country.

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