Gchwihaba caves hosts international museum day celebrations

Cathrine Moemedi
SPEAKER: Philda Kereng

The department of National Museum and Monuments celebrated international museum’s day last week Tuesday, at Ghwihaba national monument in the North West District.

The celebrations which were held under the theme, “The future of museums: Recover and Re-imagine was held in a bid to facilitate local communities to benefit economically from the heritage sites.

Speaking at the event the Minister of Environment Natural Resources and Tourism, Philda Kereng noted that the theme resonates with the anticipated changes that her ministry has visualised to rebuild the future of the country’s museums.

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“We want to bring our museums back to life and to change with times. The theme also resonates with vision 2036 pillars of sustainable economic development; human and social development and sustainable environment,’’ said Kereng.

The ministry, Kereng further revealed, has recently completed an integrated management for the NG4 concession area that includes the Gchwihaba caves.

Gchwihaba caves hosts international museum day celebrations
EXPLORATION: Gchwihaba Caves

“Gathering in Gchwihaba caves to celebrate 2021 International museums day is an indication that we appreciate the existence of our national heritage. We celebrate with local communities for them to see the need to preserve what is in their vicinity,” added Kereng.

For his part Member of Parliament for Ngami; Caterpillar Hikuama, commended the community of Xaixai and Xangwa for preserving the national heritage site even though it clashed with their indigenous way of life, which was hunting and gathering.

When giving a word of appreciation, the permanent secretary for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and Tourism; Oduetse Koboto, called on the youth who originates within the vicinity of the caves to come up with ideas and proposals that can help generate income through the heritages sites because the ministry was ready and willing to finance such projects,

The International Council of Museum declared May 18th as International Museums day in 1977 and it has since been celebrated since then.

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