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Gaabo-Motho music festival promises fireworks

Tshepo Kehimile
MUSIC GALORE: A bumper crowd at a previous show

Organisers of the annual Gaabo Motho Music Festival are relishing a bumper crowd in Moshupa village, as they put together final touches to what promises to be another successful Christmas Eve gig.

South African acts such as Black Motion, TNS and Busisiwa just to mention a few, are expected to headline the show with their impressive tunes that made waves throughout 2019 respectively.

Gaabo Motho Music Festival is in its 5th year running and it has shown tremendous improvement through the years as the organisers made it a point to inter-change artists in efforts to show variety.

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In an interview with The Voice this week, Dladleng Entertainment Owner Oscar Thebe said the event has grown tremendously from humble beginnings. “I have seen a lot of growth in this event. When I started this initiative 5 years back it was really hard, people could not relate to the event but now they are part of it and they never disappoint in terms of attendance,” he said.

Thebe who is also known as Dlamini further said the festival is also beneficial to the residents of Moshupa. “On the day of the event, small retailers and big supermarkets make more profit as they get to sell to patrons who come for the event from across the country, hence improving the economy of the village,” Thebe explained.

Quizzed about the competition that he faces from other festive events, he said; “Big events such as Clap Your Hands, Born and Raised are staged at the central part of the country, and they are competing. However, on our side we are growing and I believe from this side (southern) we are the only ones, but we are not going to relax. We will keep on giving the crowd the best entertainment ever,” he said.

Thebe revealed that they have made few improvements to the venue (recreational park), “We have planted lawn so that revellers get to enjoy the feel of relaxing and enjoying the music without suffocating from the dust as it has always been the case over the years,” he said.

Meanwhile, local acts such as Vee, Charma Girl, Chrispin the Drama, Han C and others are expected to be amongst the performers who will electrify the event on the 24th of December 2019.

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