Friends again

Sharon Mathala

Chong Chong and Manager make up

At just four years old, fame has come early for social media sensation, Chong Chong.

However, the little lad is fast discovering the world of showbiz has its drawbacks.

This week, The Voice Online revealed the Chinese youngster, or more precisely his parents, had fallen out with Chong Chong’s Manager, Enerst Keolebogile, 28, over finances.

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While the two parties kissed and made up this week, Keolebogile has admitted cracks in the seemingly solid relationship first appeared back in December.

“We have resolved the matter even though we are yet to clearly define roles going forward especially when it comes to money. They (Chong Chong’s parents) came to me last night to apologise,” Keolebogile told Voice Entertainment in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

He further revealed Chong Chong’s parents have given him their blessing to continue working with their son.

So exactly where did things go wrong between Botswana’s favourite kid and his manager, who became famous for their videos in which Chong Chong speaks immaculate Setswana.

“We had been working just fine before December. Only until they forced me to upload promotional videos which they shot without my knowledge that I started to raise concern,” said Keolebogile.

According to the man who also works at Chong Chong’s parents shop in Palapye, their relationship broke down to a point where the young boy was no longer allowed to visit him.

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“And it haunted him, I could see that because we had built a bond,” he added.

Keolebogile was quick to rubbish reports the fall-out was in fact due to his refusal to allow any of the proceeds from Chong Chong’s appearance fees to be donated to charity.

“I would never do that. The truth is I was against all the monies made going to charity. I proposed to them that a certain percentage could go to charity and we both share the remaining percentage!”

Instead, Keolebogile maintained he proposed that 20 percent of the money made should go towards a charitable cause whilst he and Chong Chong divide the remaining 80 percent equally between themselves.

Asked how much they charge per appearance, he explained, “Well it depends on negotiations but we charge P5, 000.”

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The pair are back working together, with Keolebogile promising fans more exciting new content soon. It seems all’s well that ends well…..for now!

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