Foul-mouthed threat to kill suspect in court


A 44-year-old man accused of threatening to kill his girlfriend – the mother of his two children – appeared before Molepolole Magistrates Court this Tuesday.

On the 11 October, Temba Mosarwa allegedly uttered the following potty-mouthed tirade to his long-time lover, Tshepo Nthokgo, “Ke tsile go go bolaya ke go kgakgamolola nngwa** e nkgang ka thipa (I am going to kill you by removing your stinking vagina with a knife).”

It appears the couple were experiencing difficulties and Nthokgo wanted out of the relationship. She took her grievances to Borakalalo Kgotla, who instructed Mosarwa to stay away.

However, Investigating Officer (IO), Detective Constable, Hilda Radipudi told court this did not happen.

“Ever since the accused was ordered by the chief to get out of the girlfriend’s home, that is when he started to threaten her.”

According to the IO, on the night in question, Mosarwa turned-up at Nthokgo’s house as she was putting their children to bed.

He had allegedly already threatened her earlier in the day.

“While she was trying to make the children to sleep at home, the accused came for the second time threatening to kill the girlfriend. He was allegedly holding a knife,” said Radipudi, adding Mosarwa then entered the house and retrieved all the food he had previously bought for his children.

Requesting that the suspect be detained, Radipudi noted he was still bitter and likely to follow through on his threat if freed.

For his part, Mosarwa, who is originally from Thamaga but was residing with an aunt in Molepolole at the time of his arrest, made a mess of his bail appeal.

“May the court allow me to be remanded as I have two children, how are they going to survive when I am in custody?” he demanded, much to the court’s bemusement.

He further claimed he had not threatened Nthokgo but merely asked her how she and the children were going to survive when he was living elsewhere.

In the end, Mosarwa was remanded in custody, with Principal Magistrate Kefilwe Resheng ruling the possibility of bail would be discussed at the next mention, set for October 31.

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