For the love of fashion

Baitshepi Sekgweng
STYLISH AND SEXY: Disang rocking one of her owns designs (R) and a friend (L)

Young designer turns heads with Disang Designs

As a young teenager, Patience Disang would spend hours flicking religiously through any showbiz magazine she could lay her hands on, checking out the hottest threads trending on the red carpet.

This love for fashion grew steadily stronger over time as the 25-year-old began to develop a sense of style of her own.

Realising she had a natural, unique flair for design, with people in the street regularly complimenting her for her eye-catching, modified outfits, Disang followed her heart and set-up Disang Designs in 2019.

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“I have always loved to have my own style, owning clothes which are unique and specifically for me. Failure to get the type of clothes I wanted from stores motivated me to make clothes for myself. I started with re-designing clothes which I currently had. Seeing them look good made me realise that I could start something afresh with my own ideas that can turn into something interesting,” explains the bubbly youth, whose model-like good looks come in handy when showcasing her latest designs.

Currently running her business from her family home in Molepolole’s Goo Nloedibe ward, where she stays with her parents, Disang specialises in producing long and short outing dresses, formal and casual pants, fashionable tops and leteisi dresses.

She takes orders and also delivers.

Due to financial constraints, the enterprise’s progress has been slower than Disang would have liked.

“I still don’t have the machines I need due to lack of funds. I’m in need of an embroidery and overlocking machine; I wish to grow my business and acquire them.”

However, like her first name, she has plenty of patience and is willing to persist to ensure her business’ success.

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Her target market is primarily young females, although she plans to branch out soon.

“I design and tailor women’s fashionable clothing. Currently I’m only producing for women. I design clothes that are trendy and unique in style. Further I make warm clothes in winter and loose cut out dresses in summer,” reveals Disang, who balances her business with her studies and is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Primary Education at University of Botswana (UB).

The young entrepreneur proudly tells Voice Money she has never taken any design-related courses; hers is a self-taught skill honed from hours spent glued to YouTube tutorials.

However, this is something Disang plans to change as she looks to increase her knowledge of the craft.

“I want to do it, so I’m planning on doing it [school] on a part-time basis.”

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This will stand her in good stead going forward if she is to achieve her ambition of turning Disang Designs into a household name in Botswana.

“I will soon be expanding my business to include male clothes in order to broaden my market. I also want to see the business growing and being able to create employment out of it and being a brand which is recognised countrywide,” she states with real belief in her voice.

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