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Fire church for sale?

Kabelo Dipholo
IN CONTROVERSY: Church building

Apostle dismisses allegations of corruption

A disgruntled congregation of a “fire church” in Serowe is up in arms against their pastor whom they have accused of plotting to sell their church building behind their backs.

However, the young founder of one of the fastest growing Christian denominations in Botswana, Apostle Pontsho Mochanang has dismissed allegations of greed, corruption and manipulation leveled against him by the angry faction of his congregation.

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The founder of The Global Church of God told The Voice that he knows exactly who’s spreading such damaging rumours against his person. The church has four branches in Dutlwe, Serowe, Francistown and Molalatau.

According to a concerned congregant some members of the church became suspicious when they saw the Toyota Gaiya sedan the church bought for the Apostle being put up for sale on Facebook.

“Next we learnt that the house we built for him was also up for sale. That is when we made our own investigations and found out that the church was built on his plot. We confronted him and he promised to change ownership of the plot to the church, but he’s yet to do that,” The Voice learnt.

The concerned elder said later they also learnt that there were plans to sell the church as the pastor plans to relocate to Francistown.

“Red flags were raised when he announced in church that he wanted to leave his current wife and marry one of the church members. We knew then that something was not right,” he said.

“We were worried because his wife still lives in that house.”

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In an interview with The Voice on Wednesday morning Apostle Mochanang however said he was being targeted by a handful of members who always want to pick fights with the church leadership.

NOT AMUSED: Pontsho Mochanang

“The church has never contributed anything towards purchasing the car I sold. I bought that car myself. I’m also selling a house which has nothing to do with the church because I bought it myself,” charged Apostle Mochanang.

He said from the very beginning he has been the one funding all projects undertaken by the church including securing plots for Molalatau and Francistown branches.

“I’m the backbone of this church. I bought two plots for the church in Serowe and another one in Molalatau. The church never bought anything for me,” he said.

Mochanang further told The Voice that contrary to claims made by congregants the plot in Serowe is now under the church names. He however said the plot in Molalatau is in the names of a church member.

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“I know who’s spreading these rumours, but I’m not fazed because I’ve been pastoring for 15 years. I’m currently erecting a screen wall around the church. I’m the one who finances this church,” he said.

Apostle Mochanang revealed to The Voice that the process of transferring ownership of the plot in Molalatau to the church is currently underway.

“It’s a plot I bought with my own funds and will soon be owned by the church. No one contributed anything to help purchase the plot,” fired the youthful Apostle.

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