Fashion without borders returns!


Meet the designers’ designs!

On the 1st to the 4th of April in Gaborone, 2020, designers from all parts of the continent will converge in Botswana under the glimmering lights of Grand Aria for this stellar celebration and business of fashion that is Fashion Without Borders!

Since debuting in 2014, Fashion Without borders is a fashion runway that continues to showcase the authentic African spirit and dispel clichés about what African style is through Africa’s esteemed designers!

This year,FWB has another exciting experience in store for the world of fashion and its revellers.

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Fashion Without Borders highlights how current fashion trends are predicted by moods, behavior and buying habits of a consumer at a particular time.

Moreover, talent and creative flair has been impressive through–out the five years in its running. To cope with ever-changing technologies, markets and consumers rapidly evolving from following traditional, static and demography-based criteria towards more dynamic, modern, lifestyle and psychographic influences, designers surely for the five past years presented stellar fashion collectables of all time.

The Voice On fashion will champion and feature the “taste makers”- championing newand emerging designers who are inspired by the rich culture of Africa and designers that creats a collective of African excellence!

Here are some of the designers and their designs to look forward to.Tlatlana – BOTSWANA:Tlatlana Clothing was started by a young MaatlaMatlhare who was always captivated by the beauty of a tlatlana.

The brand celebrates the unique yet simple beauty of Botswana’s rich and diverse culture embodied by the traditional basket.

Tlatlana BOTSWANA: Clothing designs ensembles that weave together the beauty of Tswana culture and the boldness of urban fashion.

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Fashion without borders returns!

Nguo – BOTSWANA: ngüo, a Swahili word for dress, is a clothing line born out of the need for comfortable yet non-conventional fashion for the woman and man who want to dress (stylishly) for comfort. It challenges the established norm that stylish and attractive should only be defined through snatched waists and hip hugging clothes.

Tumie Mohoasa, the style curator at ngüo, started by using a little sewing machine to make her own dresses for occasions, after she got no joy from store bought clothes.

She received compliments when she wore these unique garments, which accentuated the wonder that is a woman’s body without needing to flash lots of flesh.

Fashion without borders returns!

Tumie sourced the best fabrics and passionately played on necklines, pockets, lengths and sleeves to create breath-taking ready-to-wear works of fabric art.

This led to the birth of ngüo in 2019. The brand was well received, with an overwhelmingly response and orders for dresses every week, leading up to the end of 2019.

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Millinery Miller – BOTSWANA: Once a upon time back in 1980’s i wondered why i loved hats at a younger age.

It all began back in 1999, as my favourite artist Arthur Mafokate wearing a lovely pantsula hat and i saw myself owning it and dreaming to one day have my own collection of pantsula hats.

Growing up I was given names of “‘Mmalepantsula, Mmadicaps”” and for me it came from within from my generational roots.

Fashion without borders returns!
Millinery Miller Botswana

Little did i know that one day i would be having my own brand and follow my passion which is wearing hats.

With the gift of hand work am now able to design by looking at an outfit and know how it blends well with the full attire.

RSA.COM – South Africa: Once upon a time in the Free State province a young man watching South Africa winning international sporting game experienced the joy of being part of this great nation.

However whilst looking at our heroes in global brands he wondered what if there could be a brand that could compete with international brands but made wholly in South Africa.

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Fashion without borders returns!

That is when he challenged himself to create a brand that will 100% represent the pride of the nation from conceptualization, to design, to production. RSA.COM was born in that moment.

RSA is our home & Comis our plug into the global world we are all part of because we believe in the magic of South Africa proudly standing together and supporting each other to lead the world.


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Images | Supplied by Fashion Without Borders

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