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Tshepo Kehimile

A beauty treat with ‘Divas Facebeat Studio’ ME & MY BUSINESS

Today’s energy sapping and emotionally draining lifestyles where most people are looking to unplug and find stress relief, have created a booming business environment for the beauty therapy industry.

Local Beauty Therapist, Tebogo Makabe, 33, has also jumped into the bandwagon, offering top notch services to her variety of clientele, ranging from bachelorettes seeking to relax and be pampered instead of going clubbing, to many others desperate to escape aging!

Just like many other entrepreneurs living off their passion, Makabe says her interest in beauty therapy started at a very young age.

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She was a tomboy at the time, she says, and used to envy her peers plaiting their hair and applying makeup to look beautiful.

“At a later stage I tried applying some makeup but it turned out very badly as I messed up my face very often. Eventually I got it right, which made me happy and it gave me a belief that I would some day be one of the best makeup artist in the country,” Makabe says, her eyes radiating in recollection of the memory.

Facebeat therapy

Such was the short and sweet story of her journey into beauty therapy and she knew her dream had come full circle on her wedding day when she did her own make-up, looking all exquisite and getting not only compliments but business offers too!

Fast forward to 2019, the Francistown-born Makabe says her busy schedule led to the birth of her company ‘Divas Facebeat Studio’ which has since sailed through the turbulent Covid-19 period.

“2019 was a breakthrough year for me as I registered the company which abruptly became fully operational despite the Covid-19 pandemic which obviously slowed things down as I had to reduce prices to adapt in those trying times. I was never discouraged by the situation and eventually pulled through. Moreover, it was really difficult at the start because I was forced to self-fund for my business to prosper and equipment was expensive but with the grace of God I prevailed,” said the determined Makabe.

Quizzed about what she studied to be the profound beauty therapist she has become, Makabe said; “I only have a certificate in beauty therapy which I studied online and it entails learning how to do facials, nails, makeup, waxing and massage which I have incorporated in my entity to cater for the needs of my clientele,” she said.

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Makabe who is currently based in Gaborone’s Phase 2 location says her company has shown tremendous growth through the years as she has already roped in two employees to help take the company to greater heights.

“Divas Facebeat Studio has shown a lot of potential through the years. We have already hired two employees to take the company forward. Furthermore, customers have been showing love and appreciation for our services and that gives us motivation to keep going,” said Makabe.

Promising as the business future may be, Makabe is wary of the challenge from other existing and upcoming competitors, but she is not perturbed: “I am aware of competition but everyone has a unique style of doing their own hustle and that keeps me going as I try hard to be unique hence bringing more customers my way,” hinted Makabe.

Meanwhile, Makabe says she hopes to open a makeup school in the near future.

“My passion for beauty therapy goes deep. I want to open a make-up school and impart my knowledge to the younger generation as I feel makeup is an integral part of every human being,” she eagerly enthuses in her parting shot.

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