Dottie releases Sengwe Se Teng

Portia Mlilo
Lucida Dottie

Songbird, actress and songwriter Lucia Dottie has released her debut album, ‘Sengwe Se Teng.’

The 33-year-old rising star from Borolong village became famous for her captivating voice on Captain Dira’s Rraagwe software album.

She has also collaborated with Culture Spears on their song, Lebante.

Dottie discovered her talent when she was part of Francistown Senior Secondary school drama group.

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Her new album, which consists of 10 tracks features many local artists like Gong Master, Casper The Golden Voice, Una Sell, Spiza Valentino, and Kuseri Kumakili.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment, Dottie said the message of the album is focused on building families, healing broken hearts, and bringing hope to the hopeless.

‘Sengwe Se Teng’ teaches us about how bad cheating in relationships is and the complications it brings.

“O Tshabela Kae, featuring Gong Master is for lovebirds. It talks about the beauty of love while ‘Nnyaa’ still featuring Gong Master is about restoring order to the family, teaching your children cultural norms and respect to other people while Egoli is dedicated to single parents and Sihleli is an emotional song dedicated to those who lost their fathers,” Dottie explained.

A few months back, FNBB in partnership with Yarona FM came up with an initiative to promote the arts called, Bodiragatsi Jwame Lentswe Lame.

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Dottie submitted a song titled, ‘Social Distance,’ which carries a message on Covid-19.

Out of the 500 artists that submitted songs, only 40 were nominated and divided into four categories made up of 10 artists each to be entered into a competition for favorite song and artist.

Voting is done through a short message (SMS) in all networks and it ends this Friday.

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First Prize wins P25 000 while second is pegged at P15 000 and third P10 000.

Dottie pleaded with Batswana to vote for her to win the competition.

She also thanked Kabelo Mogwe, Captain Dira, DJ Phazz, and DJ King for their contribution to the rise of her career.

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