Deadly discipline

Cathrine Moemedi
SUSPECTS: sIBLINGS, Oduetse (checkered shirt) and Philimon

Two Maun brothers appeared before the Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday accused of beating their nephew to death in an apparent act of disclipine that went tragically wrong.

It is alleged that on Friday 10th May, Oduetse Jamba, 35, and his big brother, Philimon Jamba, 49, tied Dimpho Peter to the window with a rope before repeatedly hitting him with sticks and a plastic axe handle.

It is believed the 25-year-old had developed a habit of stealing from family members and his two uncles were intent on teaching him a lesson.

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Seeing the gravity of his injuries and realising they may have taken the beating too far, the brothers are said to have taken their young relative to the hospital.

However, health officials reportedly refused to treat him without a medical report from the police.

LATE: Peter

The brothers then returned home, where they laid their injured nephew under a tree.

Later in the day, Peter’s sister discovered he was unresponsive and they again rushed him to the hospital where he was sadly certified dead upon arrival.

During their short appearance in court, both Jambas were remanded in custody after State Prosecutor, Khani Khani, pointed out investigations were still fresh.

“It’s too early to discuss the issue of bail” stressed Khani, a point that both suspects agreed with.

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Adding to the drama, Magistrate Gofaone Mosweu recused herself from the case, explaining she knew the two accused persons well.

“The accused’s cousin is a close friend of mine and therefore bail hearing and the following proceedings will be done in another court,” ruled Mosweu.

The matter has been set for 23rd May for status update.

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