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Daughter -in- law from hell

Tshepo Kehimile
SAD: Modiegi Mfolwe


A desperate divorcee has threatened to spoil her ex-mother in law’s Christmas by demanding that part of the old woman’s property be given to her to occupy.

Modiegi Mfolwe, 76, was this week left perplexed and flabbergasted when her irate ex daughter- in law, Sheila Mfolwe stormed into her yard with police and Mochudi land board officials in tow to stake a claim on her (Modiegi)’s residential plot.

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Producing documents, which she claimed gave her a legal right to occupy the 4- bedroomed house in the back yard, Sheila successfully got cops to haul her old mother –in- law to the police station for questioning.

Disturbed and confused by what had transpired Modiegi said, “I do not share anything with this young woman. What I know is that not long after her divorce from my son in 2013 she once came to me to cry and beg that I allow her and her four children to occupy my back house because they had nowhere to go after their matrimonial home was sold in the divorce settlement. However, she disappeared for many years only for her to return to cause trouble with the backing of the Police and the Village Chief (Bana Sekai).”

Vowing that government officials will not intimidate her, the granny said, ” Because I have my own legitimate land ownership certificate of the yard from the landlord which gives me full rights to it I will not bow to her ridiculous demands and allow her to spoil my Christmas”
Sheila is the ex wife of David Mfolwe one of Modiegi’s two surviving sons.

David was reported to be outside the country on business when the fracas at his mom’s house ensued.

“My son needs to come back and put all this madness to an end because I did not offer part of my yard to this woman contrary to what she has told the officials. The affidavit, which she produced to prove that I gave her part of my plot is fake so what surprises me is that the officials are pushing to solve this matter fast before my son arrives back home but I am optimistic that they will not prevail against me,” she said.

Police officers, Department of Land Board officials and the village chief (Sekai) have already taken measurements of the section of the plot that was to be repossessed from the old woman and handed over to Sheila.

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Efforts to source a comment from Sekai proved futile as he said he was in too much of a hurry to comment and asked to be followed to the Kgotla.

At the Kgotka Sekai shifted goal posts and said he had to make an urgent trip to Gaborone so he should be contacted on Wednesday morning instead.

However on Wednesday he said, “I am busy, I am in a middle of a case so I would suggest you just forgetting about this matter.

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