Covered tea Party fashion & more!


Turning tea-drinking into a coveted experience, Protea Hotel by Marriot Masa Square in partnership with Fresh Pak South Africa hosted their second annual tea party on the 21st May, in celebration of International Tea Day.

Guests on the day were welcomed with a fresh pot of gourmet tea, fresh made scones, and a themed dessert platter.

The fashion was top tier with some touch of winter brights and neutrals making it a sight to behold.

This was a matter of taste, and the invited tea lovers selected modest or extravagant versions for different fashions.

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Tea friends also delighted in exclaiming over the many creative designs and colors of each other’s outfit at the morning tea party.

Covered tea Party fashion & more!

Flair and glamour was the order of the day.

The engagement held space for dialogues around mental health and wellness, with conversations varying from issues around the impact of the pandemic on one’s career, entrepreneurship and wellness dimensions.

Speakers on the day included Health, Well-being Practitioner & Clinical Dietician Ms Ndiko Giddie, Founder and Managing Director of Leadership Excellence Maipelo Rakwadi Madibela and Motivational Speaker Mr Emmanuel Mmusetsi.

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Speaking on the significance of the day, Protea Hotel Sales & Marketing Manager said, “As Protea Hotel, we strive towards redefining the hospitality experience in Botswana despite the challenges brought about by the covid-19 pandemic.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. While May 21st may seem like an arbitrary date chosen by United Nations, the significance of celebrating in May is that tea productions begin in May in most tea producing countries.

The day is aimed at raising awareness on the importance of tea in fighting poverty and hunger. Tea is known for its relaxing and therapeutic benefits and as the month of May also signifies Mental Health Awareness month, what better way to de-stress than with this century old delicacy.”

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The United Nations celebrates International Tea Day annually on May 21st.

The Day promotes and fosters collective actions to implement activities in favour of the sustainable production and consumption of tea and raise awareness of its importance in fighting hunger and poverty.

In conclusion, Protea Hotel by Marriot Masa Square, Chief Operations Officer, Andrew Kamanga said, “It was an absolute honor to host our beloved clientele to a morning of tea and impactful discussions. As the industry rebuilds itself after a catastrophic two years, we truly appreciate the support .

One of the great joys of tea is being able access a wealth of variety from around the world at very accessible prices. What a beautiful experience it is indeed to share a cup of tea with someone.”


Photography | Peter Yuri

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