Comfy fashion show in the offing

Baitshepi Sekgweng
EVENT ORGANISER:Neelo Lentebanye

Local models and designers will get a chance to shine and showcase their potential winter works at the upcoming Comfy Fashion Show slated for the 10th of July in Gaborone.

Sixteen models are expected to strut their stuff down the ramp to showcase a winter collection from five different designers at the University of Botswana Theatre Hallway on Saturday.

Although the theme of the fashion show is centred around winter clothing,the event will also feature, “The Pants Corner”-a developing online store that sells pants made by local designers.

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There will also be an art exhibition to showcase warm art where local artists, Ronald Kegomoditswe, Prince Tom, Boemo Lunga and Bwaiya Nfula will be at the forefront.

The exhibition will pave way for the fashion show which will include acoustic musical performances.

In an interview recently, event organizer Neelo Lentebanye said the platform is a means of promoting local designers and models.

“The dream is to assist artists into turning their passion into a profession. This fashion show is a marketing tool that brings recognition to designers and models with the aim to increase their sales and bookings post the event,” said Lentebanye.

For his part fashion show director and self taught designer Koketso Ntseme said,”We are targeting an audience aged 18 and above as they are an age group which is most responsive to fashion and sense of style. The models are of different body sizes and height. This is because we want our audience to connect with our models and imagine themselves in the clothes being showcased.”

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