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Cj takes pot shot at UDC

UDC rally

This week the high courts in Malawi declared the general election null and void and called for another election, after the opposition brought real and tangible evidence of voter rigging before the courts.

Locally the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) wants us to believe that there were irregularities in the electoral process and yet they have not brought any real evidence to at least convince us the ordinary folk of their claims.

That notwithstanding Shaya feels it was a tad untidy for the Chief Justice to take a pot shot at the UDC in his speech at the opening of the legal year on Wednesday.

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“The people have spoken through the vote,” he said about an election whose results were contested and the case lost on a technicality.

Anyway life goes on for Shaya and enough about politics until 2024!

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