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Chobe hold top spot

Tshepo Kehimile
LEADING THE WAY: Chobe Holdings Limited was BSE's top traded company in January

Taking stock of the BSE

In a closely fought shootout for top spot, Chobe Holdings narrowly edged out Sefalana as the most traded company on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) in January.

According to the Market Performance Report, the Chobe-based company recorded turnover of P43.3 million over the first month of the year. It marks a huge increase from last year, when they managed just over P7 million from the whole of 2021.

Sefalana were hot on the safari-specialist’s trial, with the supermarket raking in P41. 8 million in shares sold in January. Sefalana’s shares sell for P9.45 each while Chobe Holdings will set you back P7. 32 a share.

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Coming a distant third, Pan-African micro financing institution, Letshego managed P11.8 million – a drop from the P16.3 million they achieved in January last year as the best-performing enterprise.

The three companies accounted for 85.1 percent of total equity turnover during the month.

As for share, of the BSE’s 31-listed companies, seven appreciated, five went down and 19 remained the same.

The top gainer was RDCP with a 4.7 percent growth in share price, followed by Sechaba and Letshego with gains of 2.4 and 2.1 percent respectively.

G4S experienced the biggest plummet in share price of 9.7 percent – it currently stands at P2. 70 – followed by BBS and Cresta with declines of 6.3 and 2.8 percent respectively.

The report further shed light on Investor Contribution to Equity Turnover and suggests local companies contributed 74.8 percent of the total or P85.2 million in monetary terms. Local individuals meanwhile contributed 7.3 percent (P8.3 million).

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Foreign companies were responsible for 17.1 percent (P19.5 million) while foreign individuals and brokers contributed 0.8 (P0.9 Million) and 0.0 percent (P0.008 Million).

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