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Moepeng heading to Gabz FM

Shaya has thought that eBothoCordinator, David Moepeng was focusing on his Cyber initiative and never going back to the airwaves.

Shaya could be wrong but a little birdie has whispered in Shaya‘s ear that the former Yarona FM Station Manager will be heading to Gabz FM soon.

It is still not still clear in which capacity Moepeng will be employed on, but Shaya is certain that soon he will be seen at the, Today’s hits Yesterday’s Classics.

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The veteran journalist started his radio journey at Yarona FM in 2000 as a news reporter and moved up the ranks to become the Station Manager util he left to pursue business interests.

Chilling out
TAKEN: Bebeto

The Mares captain taken

The Mares Captain, Bonang Bebeto Otlhagile will soon be off the market.

The Double Action Ladies team captain will on the 17th of this month walk down the aisle with her hubby, Kaone at Thomadithotse ward in Mahalapye followed by the final leg at Groom’s place at Mathalagane ward in Lerala the following weekend.

The Captain’s bridal shower will be held this weekend at a place known by Shaya in Tawana.

Shaya wishes you the best and on by the way don’t forget to drop that VIP invitation card.

Chilling out

Why tipper truck?

This past weekend, the ruling party Botswana Democratic Party descended in Tsabong for the party’s 39th Elective Congress.

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A well planned event it was, but what caught Shaya’s attention was the type of vehicle that was used to carry blankets.

A not so good sight for a ruling party, a bus or truck would have been better.

Next time think wise.

Former MP’s busy affair

Shaya is concerned at the level in which a former Member of Parliament from the opposition side frequents the sleepy village of Mankgodi.

The former MP is said to be dating a young girl there. The relationship has been a hot topic in the village to a point where the girl’s father stopped paying for her fees as a way of expressing his disapproval of the relationship.

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Although Shaya is not bothered much by the two, the former MP should step up and help to at least pay school fees for his young lover instead of concentrating on sex only.

Talking of sex, when do you see your wife though? Next time when you go creeping behind that bar in Mankgodi by the roadside just know that Shaya is watching you!

Chilling out
VP: Slumber Tsogwane

Ba bangwe ba jelwe ke dithopho ba isiwa ko mahatsheng ba dirwa di ambassador gabaise ba kgore maemo- Vice President Slumber Tsogwane in Tsabong

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