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Chillin Out Friday December 08, 2023

L-R: Sport Behind the scenes, Steve Harvey & Berry Heart


April Gates has been in the entertainment industry for less than two minutes, but she is already rubbing people up the wrong way – and getting on the bad side of some prominent forces Shaya might add.

Chillin Out Friday December 08, 2023

Despite allegedly being paid in full to host the Simply Piano music festival over the weekend, the young miss was missing in action, apparently running off to MC an event in Ghanzi instead.

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Not that anyone missed her! Still, such fraudulent behaviour is the downfall of the creative industry and must come to an end; maybe it’s time gates were closed for April until she learns her lesson.


It seems the drama was non-stop with the Pianists!

Shaya is over Shebeshxt’s scandals, and has turned the focus to Felo le Tee, who gave a no performance at the event.

It appears the South African was in the country, booked to perform in the early afternoon, from 1500 to 1545 hrs.

However, he refused to take to the stage, saying he won’t perform to such a small crowd.

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Shaya wondered why there was no recording of the SA Superstar’s performance, so that explains it!

Yours Truly has had it with these entitled international performers.


“I love Botswana so much that during Covid-19, I personally called my friends in the UAE and they delivered supplies when China was stalling. My people were in trouble so I did what I had to do!” -Steve Harvey


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Berry Heart’s friends might have to throw out their baby shower gifts as the heavily-pregnant poet turned fashion queen says there will be no shower, mainly because a lot of people are wolves in sheep skin who despise the idea of other women’s successes and joys.

Chillin Out Friday December 08, 2023
Screenshot of Berry Heart’s Post

Drama has always been associated with female circles.

However, Shaya didn’t think it went as far as bewitching others!

Do all it takes to protect yourself and your loved ones Berry my dear, you never know who is plotting what!


Local artists always find it hard to penetrate foreign markets, especially the lucrative one next door.

However, things looks to be improving, with local tune, ‘Dubula’ unveiled as a contender for the Ukhozi FM Song of the Year.

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Chillin Out Friday December 08, 2023

The track, by our very own Harry Cane, DJ LaTimmy and Master KG has been shortlisted amongst 10 others.

Each year Ukhozi FM declares what it calls ‘Song of the Year’ based on the trending tunes and the choice of the song has always been mired by some controversy.

Big Nuz’z Ngeke was declared the 2022 winner, beating heavy favourite ‘Sete’, a song by K.O featuring Young Stunna.

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Shaya wishes you the best and more blessings in the coming year.


They say football is a team sport and it appears broadcasting the beautiful game requires plenty of team-work too.

There was much excitement in Ghetto on Sunday as VisionView were in town to televise the Tafic vs BDF match.

Amid the glitz and glamour of live TV, Shaya’s attention was caught by these two gentlemen doing their bit behind the scenes, holding up the BPL’s backdrop during the coach’s interviews.

Well done guys, you did a sterling job!

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