Chillin Out Friday April 12, 2024

Dabilo Moses, Vee's Transcript, Vee Mampeezy & Tumiso Rakgare (L-R)


Minister of Youth, Gender Sport and Culture Tumiso Rakgare had so much to say during Ashford Mamelodi’s book launch last Wednesday. Without mentioning names, ‘Chiliza’ rebuked Botswana’s football leaders and the so called investors.

In a packed event that was attended by football royalty, including the Botswana Football Association President Maclean Letshwiti, the Minister said football lovers should stop gossiping in corridors and should instead take people messing their football head on.

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“Personally I’m losing hope on the leadership of football. We’ve people whom the football people seem to be protecting,” he said. Rakgare said some football leaders took football matters to court but are still recognised as leaders.

“How on earth is that possible?” retorted Rakgare.

The Minister further said he knew some of the leaders are already supporting his political opponents in Mogoditshane.

Well, Minister, please name and shame!


Shaya would like to congratulate Kwaito/Kwasa star, Vee Mampeezy for passing and getting a Certificate in Law.

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This is a remarkable achievement, and balancing that with success as a musician is truly impressive.

Your dedication and talent shine brightly in both fields.

Keep up the fantastic work, as we wait for you to add another title by tying the knot with Sphalaphala Sa Gago.


The former Miss Supranational was over the moon on Saturday during the Miss Supranational beauty pageant.

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Shaya was happy to see her still wearing that smile and enjoying the company she was with.

However, the dress though, it revealed more that what our eyes had expected.

Maybe it is the Hollywood style, the future will tell.

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