Chillin Out Friday 17 March 2023



The use of traditional medicine, and the bizarre muti stories that always follow supporters of its use, are rife in this country.

From patients leaving panties behind to dirty traditional doctors offering their male members as part of the healing, the stories are endless.

However, one mystery that has remained constant is the belief a hyena carries body parts that are potent.

A hyena’s anus, nose and left paw are apparently a jackpot and a certified formula to instant riches and power.

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With this myth, it’s hardly surprising there was very little left of the unfortunate hyena hit by a car near Pandamatenga Farms on Monday.

Fellow travellers found the dead animal with its nose, anus and left paw missing!

Well Shaya will keep an eye on whoever amasses unexplained wealth in the near future, this includes unlikely winners of political office or sports stars who suddenly start excelling on the field.


One way to get on Shaya’s wrong side is by being a body shamer!

Shaya was fuming at trolls who came at Television show presenter and social media influencer, Boipelo Sadi Dikgaka for a picture she posted on Facebook last week.

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Sadie Dikgaka

There were some mean comments in there which Shaya couldn’t believe were written by right minded people.

Sadi, my dear, you are beautiful and have done great in ignoring these bullies – don’t let the haters get you down!


Did Shaya miss the memo that Btv music show, Flava Dome is now a comedy?

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Yours Truly could not believe this clip I saw making the rounds on social media.

Chillin Out Friday 17 March 2023

As much as I would love to congratulate BJB on his new song, my guy, take that track back to the studio because it is just not it.

Together with your supporting acts, you failed dismally; my advice would be to stick to what you are mastering, which is MCing.


There’s a new product in the market and it has certainly raised Shaya’s eyebrows.

This macaroni has no branding, expiry date and nothing about its quality and safety.

Chillin Out Friday 17 March 2023
STACKED: Macaroni

Shaya loves to support the hustlers but this particular trade is questionable.

The said product has been caught on camera being transported in extremely unhygienic ways.


Praise must always be given where it’s due.

Back in June last year, Shaya slammed GU and Zebras goalkeeper, Goitseone Phoko, for carrying far too much weight around the midriff.

Playing for the country against Tunisia in an AFCON qualifier, although he kept a clean sheet, the gloveman’s bulging belly kept popping out of his shirt!

Chillin Out Friday 17 March 2023
NOW: A slim-looking Phoko in action at the weekend

Shaya warned the giant goalie to get into better shape if he hoped to further his career; happily it appears Phoko took the advice.

The keeper now looks fit, agile and slender – a fine specimen of a man, fit to represent the nation and take the Zebras to greater heights!

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