Celeb Edition with Swag Kids DJ’s

Kitso Ramono

In this week’s Celeb Edition, we spotlight one of BW’s amazing duo, Swag Kids DJs, who only started deejaying four years ago but are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

The duo began as back-up dancers for some local artists before becoming one of the most well-known and sought-after disc jockeys, with bookings all over the country.

The Voice Entertainment reporter spoke briefly with the two musketeers to learn how it all began.

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When did you start deejaying and, before that, what were you guys doing?

We began deejaying back in 2018, having previously worked as dancers and choreographers for musicians such as Charma Gal and Maghebula, Maxy, Makhadzi, DJ Chrispin, and many others.

How did you meet? Who came up with the idea of swag kids DJs?

We met at junior school in Mahalapye, and our friendship began there as we were both choreographers.

The name came about as a result of our bougee attire; we knew our way around the wardrobe, and people used to compliment us on how we dressed, telling us how we had swag every time we performed, so we decided to name ourselves Swag Kids.

Can you state your full names, age, hometown, and where you’re currently based?

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Our full names are Karabo “Tyga” Ntshingane and Vincent “Ras” Letlhabamang.

We are both 29 years old and originally from Mahalapye, but we are currently based in Mogoditshane due to high demand for our services in the capital city.

When did you guys start getting recognition as DJs, or when was your breakthrough as deejays in the industry?

We began to get recognition when we became resident DJs at Cappello Lounge, Gaborone, in 2022, and we gained even more exposure when we moved to Cloud 9 as resident DJs, and began to receive bookings outside Gaborone and at music festivals, when we previously exclusively received bookings from clubs.

Towards the end of 2022, everything changed, and we became the first choice of promoters when organising festivals or performances.

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I’d think our breakthrough occurred in late 2022.

What made you get the recognition that you’re getting right now?

We made sure to work hard on our craft, so we received more reservations.

All you have to do is wow the audience and event managers who are listening to your set.

We also used social media as a trump card, posting every video from our performances to get mileage, which worked for us since curious people began inquiring about us and bookings followed.

Does each of the two of you have a specific role in the group?

We do the same thing, which is dancing and deejaying, no one is superior to the other.

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Is Swag Kids just the two of you or are there others behind the scenes?

Swag Kids consists of three individuals; the other member is Small, who is in charge of groundwork and overseeing the brand behind the scenes, essentially, he is our manager.

Can you tell us about your everyday routine as Swag Kids DeeJays? I believe you two stay together?

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Yes, we stay together; we don’t have a set routine, but we are constantly seeking new and intriguing ways to engage the audience in our performances.

Are you guys in committed relationships?

Yeah, relationship…potso ga e bonale sentle (they both chuckle)

How is it being a duo DJ outfit? Quite uncommon in our country?

Being in a duo with your best friend is one of the most wonderful experiences.

It’s unique in that we combine deejaying and dancing to deliver our greatest performances.

We do not consider ourselves to be merely DJs; we are performers.

List five things that people don’t know about you guys.

  1. We have our own songs and features with other artists
  2. We are dressed by Panda
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