Celeb Edition with MC Passapa

Christinah Motlhabane

In 2015, a combination of talent and need led Passp Otsile to ditch his studies, chasing fame and fortune in the entertainment industry instead.

The popular Pantsula dropped out of university in second year, swapping the books for the mic to hustle a living as an MC. Nine years on, let’s find out how Passapa is doing…

Kindly introduce yourself to the people.

My names are Passp Otsile better known as MC Passapa.

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I was born and bred in Ratholo 33 years ago in the Central District of Botswana.

I currently reside in Kanye. I am also a Botswana Pantsula Association (BPA) Public Relations Officer (PRO).

When did you start MCing?

I started in 2015 after the then BPA PRO, Mompati Sparks Dikgomo in Palapye invited me to the stage.

We were in BPA parade and Dikgomo asked that I assist him as he was busy with other things.

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Shaking in my neatly pressed pantsula pants, I walked to the stage grabbed the mike and people started screaming in happiness.

I was loved by people for always looking clean.

When I was on stage, I realized people loved me and told myself this is what I am going to do as one of my hustles.

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It wasn’t long before your career took off and you started getting recognition – tell us about that?

I then attended a big show with South Africa artists like Patricia Majalisa and local legend, Khoza Mkhozeni and others in Morwa village and it was on fire.

I captivated the night crawlers that day. I left the stage when they were still craving for my presence.

When did you join the pantsula movement?

I grew up staying in Zola Old Naledi Takana.

There was a man called Continent from Mmankgodi who was always wearing Brentwood gear.

I loved how he geared up so I decided to buy myself a pair of Brentwood trousers too.

It caused a stir on the streets with people cheering me, telling me it suits me well.

People started following me on my socials because of the gear thinking that I was from South Africa.

What is it like being an MC in Botswana?

It is a bit difficult because the entertainment industry is too small, every event they know who they engage.

So is MCing a part-time thing?

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It is a part time hustle since our entertainment industry is too small for one to survive solely on.

I am not working so I survive on many hustles.

Are you in a relationship?

I’d prefer not to answer this one. I am someone who is private with some things.

Fair enough. What do you do in your free time?

I just stay home watch television or read books.

Sometimes I go out to check on my friends.

Do you have any regrets?

I regret dropping out from Varsity in second year as I wanted to hustle since my mother died when I was only doing Standard 4.

I had the pressure of developing her plot as I do not have any siblings.

I am sure if she was alive, I could be far in life.

Condolences to you. Tell us about a day you will never forget?

When I was young my aunt lost P100 and I was accused of stealing it.

They even consulted a traditional doctor and the witch doctor said I took the money. But I did not take it!

Who is your international crush?

Tyla [South African singer], I wish I can meet her one day.

Which international artists have you shared a stage with?

Dan Tshanda, Patricia Majalisa, ThabileMzolwane, Mpendulo Dandile, MphoMajiga, Dalom Kids and Golden Ladies

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I do not smoke

2. I was born alone, no siblings, no parents

3. I do not eat much

4. I like cooking

5. On my free time I watch action movies

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