Celeb edition with MC Alpha

Kitso Ramono

As one of the main presenters of Btv’s popular entertainment show, Pula Power, MC Alpha pops onto TV screens across the country every Saturday night at 9pm.

MC Alpha’s self-confidence and energy make him a mega force behind the mic, a must for all good Master of Ceremonies.

Who is MC Alpha?

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MC Alpha is a TV presenter, Events MC and a Voice Over artist of note from Masukwane village in the North East District; my parents are residents of Borotsi/Leomboko.

I prefer using MC Alpha, which is the name that I have built and has gained a lot of traction.

So how did it all start?

I started off as a back up dancer in 2013 doing shows like Bomu Awards and I got spotted by Thabiso Nasha a prominent promoter who also gave me a chance to present a country tour show called Metropolitan tv show,my first Events Mc gig was in 2016 for Miss Teenager Botswana of which later I met Mr Ponaka Babusi who then influenced my Mc Carrier.

Tell us about presenting Pula Power, how did that come about?

With Pula Power, I went through auditions just like anybody else.

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But the journey through the selection process was a nightmare, as other contestants were talking bad about me, laughing because of how different from them I was.

Yet you had the last laugh, staring as a freelancer and then getting the gig full time?

Yes I was just a freelancer for the show at first, and then the Pula Power guys put out a post last year looking for a permanent presenter.

I applied and managed to bag the job.

I always knew I was going to be hired because of the hard work that I put in my craft.

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I am really grateful for the opportunity and the trust management have in me.

TV presenting seems like such a glamorous job – what’s it really like?

Being a TV presenter is all sweat, blood and tears, and sometimes sweet.

They are times where it’s hard and times where everything goes with the flow, it’s a career that I love the most as it gives you challenges that are easy to overcome if you are dedicated to your job.

What I love about being a TV presenter and an MC is I learn a lot and interact with celebrities that also love me more.

Which celebrity interview did you enjoy the most?

My best interview was with the award-winning international artist from South Africa, Lloyiso at the Leteisi Attire on Fleek show.

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I realized I have made it when I interviewed him and I didn’t get scared or lack confidence.

I just aced the interview; I bet he too noticed that I am a force to reckon with.

When you’re not on TV, what else do you get up to?

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Besides my TV job I am a Monitoring and Evaluation officer for The Fighters support group working alongside: Patricia Letlape, Tiro, Pearl, Dindi, Thokwane and of course my North East team.

Is MC Arthur in a relationship?

I’m seeing someone yes and I’m happy.

I’ll just end it there.

What advice would you give to youngsters dreaming of following in your footsteps?

Being both a presenter and MC requires you to have good communication and great public speaking skills.

So you should be bold enough to attract people’s views and grab people’s attention.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I’m half Motswana half Zimbabwean
2. I’m a big fan of pageantry
3. I’m interested in being a TikToker
4. I’m the first MC to ever have a career before fame
5. I’m a good DJ

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