Celeb Edition with LB Thagas

Cathrine Moemedi

In 2016, Lebaone Monnaathaga, aka LB Thagas announced himself to the people through BTV’s popular music show ‘Just Gospel’.

The 34-year-old Maun native has been belting out hits ever since, bringing people closer to their maker with his moving melodies.

Although he describes himself as an ‘open book’ let’s get to now LB Thagas even better…

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Of all the music genres out there, how did you come pursue Gospel?

My name Lebaone translates to ‘Look unto’.

I believe God is the author and finisher of our faith.

Gospel music is a soothing therapy to our souls.

I take it you’re a regular church-goer?

Yeah, I go to church.

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You’ve been going strong in the industry for eight years now; what music have you released in that time?

I released my first album called ‘Bayete’ in 2018.

It was nominated for the BOGMA awards and won as Best Traditional Gospel Album.

In 2021 I dropped my second album, ‘Thank You’.

Then last year I went for the Presidential National Arts Competitions and won best track nationwide.

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The same year ‘Thank You’ got nominated for Best Traditional Gospel Album and it scooped first position.

What other projects are you working on?

I host an annual Gospel show in Maun named ‘We Praise Music Show’.

We invite local and International artists for a night of praise.

This year’s show is scheduled for Saturday 27 April at Life Center Maun.

The show started in 2022 after Covid -19 to bring revival and hope to us Batswana through song and most importantly to unite Christians.

What would say was the highlight of your music career?

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I would say participating in the Presidential National Arts Competitions in which I won Best Traditional Gospel.

I believe it has empowered me since the winnings allowed me to produce more music.

Making music is very expressive and the prize money motivates us to continue chasing our dreams.

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Speaking of dreams, which artist would you love to work with?

Internationally, I wish to collaborate with many artists, the likes of Ayanda Ntazi, Benjamin Dube, Dumi – it’s my wish to share a stage with them.

Locally, I would love to collaborate with Shankie.

You’re given a million Pula to spend in a day, what are you buying?

If I had such money I would build a home for my mum.

I’d also buy some food hampers and toiletry for the less privileged; blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that receives!

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I’m an open book, there’s nothing much that people don’t know about me! Anyway, let me try, I’ll start with: I’m an open person
2. I am a sports person. I am a Captain at Rebels Softball Club in Orapa
3. I like travelling and meeting new people
4. I was raised by a single parent
5. I like farm life

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