Celeb edition with Gabs Diva

Sharon Mathala
Joan Richardson

When it comes to socialites in Botswana, Gabs Diva rules the roost in the capital.

While she is a prominent feature in Gaborone’s vibrant nightlife, the fun-loving lady is also a regular on the radio.

Q. How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?

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The lockdown has been an emotionally stressful time for me.

I really do enjoy working and being busy, and generally I’m a social butterfly.

Having to sit at home for nearly 40 days, closed in with no work, no physical touch was difficult.

I did, however, take the time to reflect on what I wanted after the lockdown was lifted and have a much happier daily life and be more financially dependent.

And, like most, I learnt new cooking recipes and DIY crafts.

I tried TikTok but I just couldn’t get the hang of it!

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Q. Tell us about your radio show?

I have been on radio for 2/3 years.

My show is on Fridays, 7pm till 10pm. With my co-host Macx Wa Bana.

It’s called Fridays Unlocked on Yarona FM.

The show is a fun weekend starter with popular dancing songs and laughable topics.

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Q. How did the name Gabs Diva come about?

On my 18th birthday I hosted a party at BullnBush and named it ‘Diva goes Legal’.

At the time the word/term ‘Diva’ had become a trendy name as Beyoncé had released her song ‘Diva’.

Anyway, the party pulled in a crowd of over 600 people – which at the time hadn’t been done before.

The following day someone on Facebook posted about the event and dubbed me the ‘Gabs Diva’ and like they say, the rest is history!

Q. Have you ever ridden at the back of a police van?

Fortunately, I have never ridden at the back of a police van.

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I have, however, ridden at the front with the policeman driving.

I was taken to hospital after being mugged in my car.

It’s very sad that the youth look to crime to make their own ends meet and feed their families.

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The drug usage has heightened and I truly feel this is something that is really not being taken seriously by those in charge.

Q. What new projects are you working on?

I have created Mmabos Chilli, which is a range of flavour-ful Chilli sauces.

It has continued to grow and sells out immediately when a batch is made.

The support and success has been brilliant and greatly appreciated.

I am currently working on a PopUp kitchen called Mmabos Kitchen which will cater to the public on set days.

The kitchen will be located at an events venue called Mmabos Manor.

The combination between the two will allow the general public to enjoy a day out, in a homely and relaxed environment while enjoying soul food that’s been made with Love.

The venue will host a range of events from Baby Showers, intimate corporate affairs and even couples or your helpers cooking lessons.

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I have received a lot of requests to do a Cook/Recipe Book.

I am really considering it.

Q. What is the least amount you have spent buying fuel?

I think we’ve all gone through a ‘broke’ phase and used our last P20/P50 note on fuel.

I do, however, appreciate that during lockdown I saved a lot of money on what I’d normally use on fuel.

Q. Which medium do you prefer to consume news?

Every night before I sleep I watch Sky News.

Throughout the day I listen to Yarona FM for Botswana news and Y FM for South African news.

It is very important to know what happens around you and in the rest of the world.

Everywhere you can pick up some news, definitely take those few minutes to listen or read.

Q. Who is your celebrity crush?

Burna Boy. Idris Elba & SunEl.

Q. Do you believe education is the key to success?

I believe the key to success is wanting it enough to do anything to achieve your success.

Education is extremely important.

However, some industries don’t need degrees for you to excel in them.

Educate yourself on your talent or your career, have that degree as a backup or even use it to get a job and save money to really do something you love that you will have researched and self-educated yourself about how to gain massive success.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I enjoy being alone
  • There’s nothing more I want in life than to be in Love
  • I had an emotionally difficult upbringing
  • My real name is Joan. It’s pronounced the same way as ‘Loan’ or ‘Moan’ or even ‘Bone’ – NOT ‘Jo-Anne’!
  • I’m a city girl, through and through. I don’t like the bush at all. But, I’m obsessed with the Okavango Delta
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