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Celeb edition with DJ Pekay

Daniel Chida
On Decks

Although he already has two awards under his belt, Serowe Battle of the DJs in 2018 and President DJ Competition in Gaborone the following year, DJ Pekay is adamant he has not peaked yet.

The talented music man is well known to night revelers in the capital city for his sizzling Kwaito and Amapiano sets and is not adverse to adding a bit of Hip Hop to the mix either.

Let’s get to know the 27-year-old a bit better…

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When you’re not behind the decks, how else do you earn money?

I buy and sell DJ equipment, such as mixers, amplifiers, stage lights and speakers.

This is something that helps me to make ends meet when the business is down.

I order them from overseas and have never had anyone complaining about them. It is quality.

So what’s the biggest gig you’ve performed at so far?

I played at Clap your hands and Maun Summer festival, those two stand out for me.

Who is your role model?

Locally it has to be DJ Khenzo, our chairman at United Artists Social Club and DJ PH from South Africa.

Where do you dream of performing in the future?

It has to be Gaborone International Music Festival (GIMC), Born and Raised, Tswapong Bolus and Gaabo Motho.

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Those are events not to missed for a DJ because the atmosphere is always great.

Who is your celebrity crush?

The American actress, Blake Lively.

What’s your favorite hangout place?

For now I will say Leaobah’s Pub in Phase Four.

I am a resident DJ there and I have been enjoying it.

What is your favorite colour?

Sky Blue.

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And your favorite drink?

Coca Cola.

Celeb edition with DJ Pekay
DJ Khenzo

If you were to go into a boxing match, who would you like to take on?

DJ Khenzo!

Oh, why?

Because we always at each other arguing – (chuckling) so maybe a boxing match would help!

What about in a debate, would you prefer to be up against Ms Luu or MC Bubbles?

Ahhh Botlhe ba dingalo, but I will take Ms Luu.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I like deejaying more than anything

2. I like my space, like being alone

3. I am short tempered

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4. I like money

5. I am honest

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