Celeb edition with DJ Guyvos

Sharon Mathala

Upbeat, quick-witted and extremely energetic, DJ Guyvos adds extra flavour to Btv’s prime time Friday nigh show, Flava Dome.

However, the 32-year-old, who learnt how to deejay from none other than, DJ Latimmy, is not all about the bright lights and having a good time.

He recently embarked on a nationwide campaign to empower the girl child.

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CELEB EDITION finds out more…

Q. With 2020 a write-off for much of the entertainment industry, how have you been keeping busy?

I have been working on new music.

I have been in the studio a lot.

I have also been working with Flava Dome every Fridays so that took most of my Fridays.

I also took time out to research more on how I can improve my craft.

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But I am tired of being home.

Q. Tell us about your girl child campaign

The campaign is, One Pula can make a girl change, hashtag donate a pad.

I am working with Moje Foundations who have offered to give me one pad at One Pula each.

My aim is to donate 80, 000 pads countrywide.

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With my job I got to travel to different parts of the country and noticed that the girl child who is not in the city area is in need of assistance.

It was a painful reality I came across and so I took it upon myself to help where I can.

Q. Wow, impressive effort! Why are you so passionate about giving back?

I grew up in the townships and so I know what poverty means.

Even with my family background, we did not have much and so I know what it means to not have anything, completely.

Q. How has Covid-19 affected your yearly plan?

I had planned to shoot four music videos this year but that has been put on halt because I have no source of income.

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I have also moved from my house and I am back at my mother’s house.

It is that bad!

Q. Any new music in the works?

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I am about to release a new single.

I have not given it a name as yet but early November the single should be hitting the airwaves.

Q. Who is your celebrity crush?

Minks from Yarona FM.

Q. Do you think virtual shows are the future?

NO! Virtual shows have no money.

Virtual shows belong to corporate companies and the trend is that these corporate tend to choose their favourites and leave the rest of us out.

Basically, if you don’t have a sponsor which come in the form of the corporate you are doomed.

How then should the government best address the needs of the entertainment industry?

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Our leaders need to understand that ours is an industry which has the potential to make millionaires.

The entertainment industry is no longer a hobby, it is a business and the government needs to recognise this.

I know there was an initiative of relief but I never got that personally and neither did many others.

I feel our leaders need to seriously do more before we lose our lives – literally!

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I have two children
2. I am not an outgoing person
3. I am in a serious relationship, actually, I want to get married. I wanted to marry this year!
4. My girlfriend’s name is Tummy Mokhure
5. I started in the industry as a backup dancer for Exodus

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