Celeb edition with Mr D Musiique

Tshepo Kehimile

23-year-old Mr D Musiique is steadily building a big name for himself in Afro House circles.

Describing himself as a versatile music producer, the talented Francistowner’s ability has sparked interest from South African heavyweights…

Please introduce yourself?

I am Mosimanegape Dadani Dadani, born and raised in Francistown at a small village called Borolong.

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My stage name is Mr D Musiique.

And when did your romance with music start?

I grew up as a music fanatic. I mostly listened to House.

However, the 2020 Covid-19 lockdowns became a reckoning for me as I started learning how to produce.

It worked well as I started believing that I could be a great artist one day.

What genre do you do?

I am a versatile music producer as I do not want to limit myself.

I do Afro House, Afro Tech, Amapiano and other genres as well.

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Who is your role model?

I am inspired by a lot of artists, such as: NxOms, Benny T, Kasango, Prince Kaybee, Kusasa, Caiiro, and Da Capo just to mention a few.

What music have you released so far?

I have a four singles which are: ‘Who is MrD’, ‘Tear of Africa’, ‘Get Up’ and ‘Beginning of Success’.

I have also been featured a few times by the likes of Dennisoko, Afro Brotherz and DJ Traisan just to mention a few.

Celeb edition

How have the public responded to your music?

People have been showing love and support since I released my first single.

A few high profile artists in South Africa, including Prince Kaybee and Da Capo, have hit me up hinting at potential collaborations – that is bound to take my music career to greater heights.

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Good luck with that! So what are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a joint EP with Dennisoko; it is expected to drop towards the end of the year.

I am also working on my solo EP which I will drop sometime next year.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I am a humble and down to earth individual

2. I like reading about current affairs

3. I am a shy person

4. I like spending time alone as it is good for my mental health

5. I prioritise music over everything

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