Caught in the pastor’s bedroom

Portia Mlilo
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ZCC Pastor exposed in a love triangle

Matshelagabedi Zion Christian Church (ZCC) pastor, Phillimon Mabise has landed in trouble after he was caught with another man’s wife in his bedroom.

Following a tip-off by the villagers that his 41-year-old wife Chike, Pricillah Senwedi had moved in with pastor Mabise, Kaboyaone Senwedi applied for Covid-19 movement permit to travel to Matshelagabedi from his workplace in Jwaneng to catch the cheating couple red-handed.

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The 46-year-old husband was given a permit after negative COVID- 19 test results and drove the whole night of Sunday to Matshelagabedi.

Upon arrival, he went to the police station to request for an escort to Pastor Mabise’s house.

Speaking in an interview, Senwedi said they found Mabise watering his garden at around 6:20 am.


“ I introduced myself and told him I was looking for my wife. At first the pastor denied that he knew Chike but when I threatened to force entry into his house he admitted that she was in his bedroom. He then went into the bedroom and after a few minutes he came out with my wife. I think the idea of a police escort helped me because I could have reacted badly out of intense anger I felt and landed in trouble,” said Senwedi.

Senwedi’s suspicions that his wife was having an affair began in December when he visited her in Matshelagabedi and Mabise came to pick her up for an all night prayer.

“She came back the following morning and when I tried to touch her, she jumped off the bed and sat on the floor. I realised something was wrong. She then told me that her ZCC pastors had told her that I was cheating on her and I had a girlfriend that I was planning to marry,” said Senwedi.

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Last month the cheated husband received reports from villagers that Chike had moved in with her pastor hence the ambush to catch them.

He is meeting his lawyers this week in Gaborone to open a marriage wrecking case against Mabise.

Meanwhile Chike did not deny having an affair with her pastor.

In her defence she said Senwedi had neglected the family and had failed to meet his financial obligations, which forced her to use Mabise as a ‘side hustle’to-feed Senwedi’s four children.


“I am like a widow because the last time I saw this man was last year. I reported the matter to the District Commissioner and I was advised to seek legal help from Legal Aid Botswana because I wanted to divorce him but could not afford a lawyer. They said they would get back to me. Monna yo o mpatlile ka mmolella gore ga ke na monna (this man asked me out and I told him I am single)” she said.

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When reached for a comment Mabise said Chike had lied to him that she was single so it wouldn’t be fair for her husband to sue him for marriage wrecking.

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