Captain Dira’s culture shock

Christinah Motlhabane
NEW MUSIC: Captain Dira.

Unable to resist the lure of the studio for long, Captain Dira has released a teaser track for his upcoming album, the Traditional singer’s 8th LP in the last 12 years.

The single, ‘Marago Kgosing’ invokes memories of old as the good captain looks to rekindle an ancient era that is fading fast.

“It is all about culture, that some people forgot about it. My song reminds people of cultural life, language. I am simply taking them back to the old years. And the lyrics have no hidden words, I put every word the way it is,” explained the 35-year-old, who has been pushing his music in South Africa since the first lockdown.

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Although he found life south of the border very much to his liking, releasing two albums and securing a number of collaborations with SA artists, the Matsiloje native headed back home at the end of February.

He wasted little time, recording ‘Marago Kgosing’ at Emjoe Records a week after his return to Botswana.

His work ethic will come as no surprise to his fans, who have seen Captain Dira drop an ocean of music since going solo in 2008.

The one-time member of the award-winning Mokorwana Group has enjoyed a stellar career, securing gigs in UK, Canada, and Japan. He is also regularly included in the line-ups at shows across Southern Africa.

“I am a creative artist who sits down, takes my ideas down, and sees where I can be unique or innovate. I work with rhythm for me to be more creative,” said the man who names Jamaican Reggae artist, Christopher Martin as his inspiration.

Despite his mild-mannered nature, the father-of-two is not shy when it comes to promoting his brand.

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“If you speak of top 10 music artists in Botswana, I am one of them,” exclaimed the father-of-two matter-of-factly.

Although he is yet to set a release date for his upcoming LP, Captain Dira confirmed it will consist of 14 songs

“I have been working on it since 2019. Trust me, it will be worth the wait,” he concluded confidently.

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