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Calling all heroes

Christinah Motlhabane

Makgadikgadi JSS seeks lifeline to secure bright future for students

As one approaches the entrance of Makgadikgadi Junior Secondary School, a wave of comfort and hospitality permeates the air. However, as soon as you step inside, that feeling dissipates, replaced by a sense of despair. The school is in disarray, with a wrecked fence, broken windows, and dilapidated buildings.

During the Stem Hub handover on Friday, the School Head, Nkarabang Nkarabang, made a heartfelt plea for assistance in refurbishing their worn-out school. Nkarabang expressed a deep concern over the shortage of accommodation, forcing the 49 teaching staff to share just 25 housing units. This means that two families have to reside in a single unit, exacerbating the dire living conditions.

Nkarabang went on to highlight the unsuitability of the housing units, deeming them inhospitable. “To compound matters,” he added, “We also face a severe water shortage. Moreover, the school lacks a perimeter fence, leaving our students vulnerable to intrusions, especially during the mating season when donkeys tend to enter the premises due to the absence of a barrier.”

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Furthermore, Nkarabang lamented the inability to cultivate any land due to the presence of domestic animals. In addition, he emphasised the pressing need for more classrooms, as the school currently only has 10 classrooms for their 22 classes. The situation becomes even more challenging when Physical Education students conduct their indoor practicals, as two classes must share the multipurpose hall.

“We are in desperate need of support, but our pleas seem to go unheard,” said Nkarabang his voice filled with anguish. He concluded by revealing a disheartening truth — not a single teacher at Makgadikgadi JSS has been promoted in the past 20 years, despite their capabilities.

The dire state of Makgadikgadi Junior Secondary School cries out for attention and assistance. The dedicated staff and resilient students hope that their pleas will finally be answered, bringing a glimmer of hope and brighter prospects for the future.

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