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Butterfly drags DPP to court

Sharon Mathala
CALLING OUT DIS: Welheminah Maswabi

• disgraced agent to sue Gov for over P1 million

As the court battle between Government and suspended fallen top spy, Welheminah Maswabi also known as Butterfly intensifies, she intends to summon the Director of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Stephen Tiroyakgosi for contempt of court today.

Maswabi (46) who was granted bail on November 22nd after the state decided to pull out and not contend her bail application ihas indicated an intent to file an urgent application against the DPP head.

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At the heart of the contempt is one of the bail condition granted to her by the Gaborone High court last year where the DPP was instructed to give her back her passport after three months.

The judgment reads, “The applicant(Maswabi) ‘s passport shall remain in the custody of the state. The applicant shall not have access to the passport for a period of three months from the date of this order to enable the state to make progress in investigating this matter and the state shall release the applicant’s passport to her at the expiry of the three (3) months.”

The expiry date of the order was last week Saturday and The Voice can confirm that Maswabi has since tried in vain to get her passport back.

This was confirmed by Maswabi’s lawyer, Uyapo Ndadi in a brief interview with The Voice this week.

Ndadi confirmed that by Friday (Today) Maswabi who is currently serving suspension on full pay from her employer will appear for her criminal case in August.

She faces criminal charges of financing terrorism linked to former DISS head Isaac Kgosi,false declaration of passports as well as possession of unexplained property.

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It was also revealed that she had in her personal accounts money amounting to a staggering 4. 2 billion.

Meanwhile in another explosive court case Maswabi will once again appear before the high court this time to argue costs she incurred when applying for bail.

Since she won her bail application Maswabi is expected to demand a little over a million from Government for costs.

Arguments will set off this coming April 1st in Gaborone.

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