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Butale warns opposition parties against big brother mentality

Daniel Chida

Botswana Republican Party (BRP) president, Biggie Butale, has criticised some of the opposition parties for behaving as if they own the opposition space.

When addressing the media this week, Butale said that some of the opposition parties have an entitlement that if you do not support them then you do not want regime change.

“Just because they came longer than anybody else then they think it’s only them who need regime change. That is political bullying and it is not only undemocratic but has a potential to breed dictatorship. They say if you don’t support me, particularly me to take over state power then you are supporting the ruling party.”

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Butale who refused to name those parties because he didn’t want to cause a rift, went further and accused the group of being of that statement.

“That is not democracy at all. Democracy thrives in a variety of ideas. We believe in opposition cooperation and genuine opposition parties,” he added. The BRP President learnt on mentioned that he was having a breather and hope the situation will be a long term one. He said that the DIS was no longer after him like they did when he was still at his former party, Botswana Patriotic Front.

“I really suffered, my companies got destroyed and the tenders I had won got retendered.”

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