Bullets land man behind bars

Gofaone Koogotsitse

A Zimbabwean man finds himself in the police’s firing line after he was allegedly caught with a special type of war ammunition hidden away at his home.

29-year-old Leo Mpofu’s troubles with the law started when he was implicated in a house break-in that occurred in Letlhakeng village earlier this month.

Following up on these rumours, the cops searched his house on 6th February, where they reportedly discovered nine fabrique nationale bullets wrapped in a plastic bag and stuffed between two mattresses.

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Without a licence to possess such ammunition, Mpofu was arrested.

He was also charged with possession of suspected stolen property after failing to account for three cellphones the police found at his home.

Hauled before Molepolole Magistrates’ Court, the foreigner was remanded in custody as per the Prosecutor, Batsalelwang Mosebola’s request.

“The ammunitions are for war. The Investigating Officer will go to Mahalapye where the accused claimed to have picked them from a certain vehicle,” said Inspector Mosebola, adding the ammunition will be forwarded to ballistics for analysis.

In his response, Mpofu claimed he stumbled upon the ammunition at a scrap yard where he worked and couldn’t resist taking it.

To avoid any possibility of the suspect interfering with police investigations, Principal Magistrate, Solomon Setshedi, ruled he be remanded in custody till 28th March.

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