Bowse KalaharianPrince on the rise

Tshepo Kehimile
AMAZING PERFORMANCE: Bowse KalaharianPrince on stage

Even though he has been in the local music circles since 2014, local Afro Fusion artist Ezekiel Lekutlane,29, is confident of reaching stardom as he is currently working on his official album dubbed, ‘Kgalagari Is Not A Jungle’ set to drop towards the end of the year.

Inspired by Zeus, Bowse KalaharianPrince as he is popularly known said his love for music started from a young age.

“My passion for music started back in 2007 when I was doing standard 7 but I had to focus on my studies even though the passion was intense I never stopped perfecting the craft ever since as my parent were so supportive throughout the years,” he said.

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Bowse KalaharianPrince who is doing Afro Fusion as specialises in Shekgalagari, which is his mother tongue said his breakthrough came in 2014.

“My first official single was titled ‘My Homies’ and it was dropped 2014, then in 2019 I dropped ‘It’s Not Easy and ‘Tjoro’ in 2020.

I also featured on Ozi F Teddy’s album dubbed ‘LORD OF MERCY III (Respect The Goat) track 2 which was titled ‘Everything’ and I am in contention to work with more local artists such as ATI, Veezo View and Zeus just to mention a few,” said Bowse KalaharianPrince.

Quizzed about some of the challenges he experienced, he said; “My biggest challenge is the financial muscle to grow my music and at some point I lost my phone which meant that I lost numbers of my potential investors but I am hopeful that I will get there with a little a bit of patience and hard work.”

Meanwhile, the talented artist is excited about his upcoming project as it will officially introduce him as a musician. “I am really excited about my upcoming project as it is special. I will be introducing myself to the world as a musician as I believe my music will reach greater heights,” he said.

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