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Botswana Junior swimmers rake in 10 gold medals


Wins 23 medals in first international appearance

Eight young swimmers traveled to Swakopmund- Namibia last week to compete in a short course tournament hosted by the Namibia Swimming Federation (NSF).

In an impressive outing, the team amassed a total of 23 medals, including 10 gold, five silver, and eight bronze.

Rayhan Khonat was the toast of the lot, bagging four gold and one bronze medal.

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Botswana junior swimmers rack in 10 gold medals
STADING TALL: Rayhan Khonat

Ji-enung Chang took home two gold medals.

More gold medals came from Yung-such Chang, Mothusi Matthews, Amaru Ditlhogo and Larona Matenge.

Botswana junior swimmers rack in 10 gold medals
GOLD FISH: Amaru Ditlhogo

Speaking to The Voice Sports, Botswana Swimming Sport Association (BSSA) Secretary General Kgaotsang Matthews said they were pleased with the squad’s success.

”We are quite pleased with the team’s achievement because it demonstrates the association’s success in fostering the growth of young swimmers and we will keep putting all of our resources into development because it has already proven to yield benefits,” said Matthews.

He told Voice Sports that all the eight athletes sent to Namibia were under the age of 16.

Mathews further revealed to Voice Sport that the competition was organized following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two sports governing bodies last year, allowing the two associations to work together in various sports codes for the advancement of their players.

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